Time Doctor for Windows


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Time Doctor is a productivity tool to help manage the time spent working or doing certain tasks. It's designed to be used by individuals or groups of employees.

The application lets you create as many tasks as you want, which you can ‘switch on’ at any time. Later, when you take a break, you can pause and resume the clock with a single click.

On the application's website you'll find a timeline of not just your own working hours but also those of the rest of your team (when applicable), which makes it perfect for group projects and offices.

One of the application's most interesting features is that it sends you a notification when it sees you’re doing something not work-related, such as checking social networks or watching YouTube videos – in which case you’ll get a popup telling you to get back to work.

Time Doctor is a good productivity application that's perfect for use in small offices, group projects at university, or any case where you want everyone to be contributing their fair share of hours.

30-day trial period.

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